We talked about running-in and indeed it is so, Juventus finished their pre-season with Lazio, now begins the moment in which the team must begin to prove that it is such, where errors begin to matter more.

DIFFERENT SPIRIT – There are ten games to play and Pirlo is full, he talks about the finals, which start with Cagliari, still having in mind the final mistake with Lazio and the consequent disappointment, we need to start again and have a great match with a different spirit: “A fundamental match for us, because we come from inactivity from the national team and we need it for our growth path. Now our championship must begin, the adaptation period is over. From now until Christmas we will have 10 games to play as if they were finals. So starting tomorrow I want to see a different, fighting spirit and we will have to play big to achieve the result “.

TO WIN – a different Pirlo than in the previous matches and he clearly says what he wants from both the team: “I want to see a team that wants to achieve the result in any way, we must have the hunger in mind to be able to win games from the first minute to the ninetieth , not neglecting the slightest detail. What Juve has always been in recent years. In Rome we played a good game, too bad we didn’t close it. It is important to close the games early, this must be the mentality we must not rest in scoring a goal, but you have to keep playing to try and close the games “.

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PIRLO SATISFIED – the Juventus coach is satisfied, there have been moments of difficulty, but the work at the moment can make him moderately happy: “I hope the experiments are over. I had the opportunity to work with players who are super willing to talk and make some technical – tactical changes , so I’m satisfied with this. Depending on the matches, maybe something will change, but let’s first give an energetic and straight footprint and then maybe we’ll change something. “

Avoid further experiments, starting from the certainties that are De Ligt, who has returned for the occasion and Cristiano Ronaldo who wants to return to being a protagonist at the Stadium after two months.

Pirlo throws off his mask, Juventus have lost enough points along the way, we need to start winning with continuity and tonight we don’t mess around.

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