Pitcherburgh Pirates pitcher Felipe Vazquez admits that a relationship with a teen


Pitcherburgh Pirates pitcher Felipe Vazquez admitted he was "sex but not really" with a 13 year old girl, according to a criminal complaint released Wednesday.

The new court papers describe the All-Star Star's illegal relationship with the teen – including the alleged assault in August 2017 – with disturbed details.

Vazquez, 28, told investigators that he drove his red Ford Mustang about an hour from Pittsburgh to the girlfriend's house in Scottsdale, Pennsylvania, and that the two people began turning around in their driveway.

He said the victim was “ready already” for sex and then admitted that “there was sexual intercourse inside his vehicle,” the complaint said.

Vazquez who was born in Venezuela – who is nicknamed “Nightmare” – described the contact as “sex but not really” because it was a short cut.

The filing also alleges that the athlete sent an X-rated text message to the victim as late as July, stating that he wanted to “complete the deed”.

Vazquez is responsible for felony counting on a statutory sexual assault, unlawful contact with a minor, minor corruption, as well as counting misconduct on an indecent assault on a person under 16 years of age.

In addition, he is addressing child satisfaction and providing obscene material for minors from Florida who is alleged to be conducting a video of himself in the sexual act.

It is alleged that the pair exchanged nude photos and the victim was sent a video by the victim, in accordance with a court paper.

When the police interviewed him at his home in the Pittsburgh Strip District on Tuesday, Vazquez claimed that he could not remember the girl's name but then said she knew her after showing her a photo.

“Vazquez recalled the Victim that he once sent a message on Instagram but he first claimed that he refused to communicate with her because of her age,” the complaint said.

He also told the police that "he looked too young for the victim and that she seemed 16 years old or younger."

At Wednesday's press conference, Pennsylvania State Trooper, Steve Limani called on the accusations “terrible and terrible and harmful.” T

"It's a pity. It's sad," he told reporters.

Limani said that the police believe there was only one “physical interaction” between them.

It is alleged that the girl's mother discovered the illicit photographs and texts and gave notice to the police in Florida. When they interviewed the girl, she told them about the incident in Scottsdale – at the launch of the investigation by the authorities of Pennsylvania.

Limani said that authorities in Pennsylvania receive the first knock by prosecuting Vazquez before it is extradited to the Sunshine State.

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