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PIX had the fastest accession in the world, according to Central Bank

According to data from the central bank informed on Thursday (20), the PIX is the payment system Fastest adhesion snapshots in the world. In second place appears the system of Chile and in third place the systems of Denmark.

In another study published today, the central bank stated that Brazil occupied the second position in the ranking, behind Chile. However, the data used in the document were from March this year and, according to the municipality, were out of date. Therefore, with the most current data, until May 16, Brazil reached the top of the list, thanks to the PIX.

“The high use of PIX it is even more evident when its adoption rate, defined as the number of transactions per inhabitant in the country, is compared with that of instant payment arrangements in other countries. In its first year of adoption, considering only five months of data, the PIX is the second arrangement of payments snapshots with faster adoption among identified countries, ”says the report.

Brazil remains on top with PIX

To Central Bank, after a year in operation, the membership fee is expected to grow and Brazil will remain at the top of the list for the quickest membership of instant payments. It is worth mentioning that the calculation is per capita, that is, it takes into account the number of transactions in relation to the population.

“In view of the rate of growth monthly use of PIX, it is expected that the adoption rate of the PIX be the largest ever identified, when the complete data for the first year after implementation are available ”, states the text released by the monetary authority.

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The survey considers the systems of ten countries, including Brazil, which has the PIX. In addition to Chile and Denmark, the study shows the evolution of the service in Nigeria, Australia, Mexico, India, Singapore, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

The instant payment system has become a phenomenon

O PIX exceeded R $ 1 trillion in transactions in April, six months after its implementation, which occurred in November 2020. In the month, most of the transactions bank transfers made in the country were made through the instant payment system. In addition, six months after the launch, the average value of operations in the new system is R $ 717.

In addition, up to April, 220.9 million keys were PIX registered individuals and 9.6 million companies. One person can make up to five keys per checking account and one company can make up to 20. The accessibility allowed by the system helps to increase popularity and adoption by the population.

In practice, whoever makes the registration of the key does not need to inform all the data when transferring cash or pay bill for PIX. In this context, the person can perform the operation just by typing the registered key (CPF, email, or mobile number, for example).

“The high use of PIX in a short time of existence indicates that the Brazilian population in general has been quite receptive to the new means of payment. Its increasing use, encompassing more and more use cases, has contributed to the construction of a market more competitive, more efficient, more inclusive and more secure retail payment system ”, points out the document announced by the central bank.

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