Pizza lie forced state into lockdown

On Wednesday, South Australia went into full lockdown, after 36 new cases of infection were detected in the region – the state’s first outbreak since April.

However, the decision to implement strict measures was based on a lie from one of the infected people, according to Australian police. It writes several international media, including BBC.

Specifically, the man is said to have lied about his connection to a pizza restaurant in Adelaide. He is said to have said that he had only stopped by before to buy a pizza. It has subsequently been shown that he worked there.

– Completely unacceptable

Another employee at the restaurant had previously tested positive for covid-19. Because the man claimed that he only stopped by as a customer, the health authorities feared that a large number of people could have been infected in the same way, through very short-term exposure to the virus. However, the two employees must have had close contact.

“To say that I’m angry at this person’s actions is an understatement,” State Secretary Steven Marshall told a news conference Friday. The Guardian.

– This has put our entire state in a very difficult situation. It has affected businesses, people, families and it is completely unacceptable.

At the same time, Marshall confirmed that they would not impose such strict restrictions if this information had been known before. The lockdown is therefore canceled on Saturday night, and is replaced by lighter restrictions.

State Police spokesman Grant Stevens said during the press conference that the man will not be prosecuted, as they have no legal clause to convict him.

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Furious residents have flooded the pizza restaurant’s Facebook page with comments after the press conference. According to Australian Police have deployed guards outside the restaurant to prevent vandalism and riots.

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