Pizzeria worker lie force confinement in South Australia

A man infected with covid-19 lied when he said he had gone to a pizzeria as a customer and, judging that the individual contracted the virus during a brief exposure to an outbreak with a highly contagious potential, Australian state authorities South (or South Australia) decided to enact total confinement.

However, in fact, the man worked the pizzeria on a shift system, said local police, quoted by BBC.

In other words, initially the authorities thought that the man could have contracted the virus only due to a few minutes at the pizzeria, as a customer, when in reality he worked there and the exposure was much greater.

“We were operating on the premise that this person just went to a pizzeria, had a very short exposure to the virus and went out walking after being infected”, explained South Australia Police Commissioner Grant Stevens.

“Now we know that after all this man had very close contact with another person who was diagnosed with covid-19. This changed the dynamics substantially. If that person had been honest with the contact tracking teams, we would not have entered a confinement for six days “, lamented the official, who did not identify the man, but said he worked at Woodville Pizza Bar in Adelaide.

The newspaper Sydney Morning Herald he said the man was working with a security guard who contracted the virus at a quarantine hotel in the center of the outbreak, which prompted South Australia to go on high alert on Monday.


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