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PKO BP went to his senses. End of annoying duty

PKO BP has made an important change in the prospects of the bank’s customers. No more cards to sign. The new design does not require this.

PKO BP changes the pattern of cards – informs the website Cashless.pl. From February, models according to the new design should be delivered to the bank’s customers. In them, PKO BP applied a small, but quite crucial change.

PKO BP – a new card template

The new design of PKO BP cards differs from the old ones mainly due to the lack of a strip for the user’s signature. This is a small but quite important change. So far, we had to sign all cards. It’s over now. Such a change became possible after changing the regulations of payment organizations.

First, new cards went to people who individually choose a design on plastic from the available gallery, and to users of Ekstraklasa cards. Then, cards with the new design will go to people who use: Kont dla Młodych, Kont Aurum and Konto Platinium.

Over time, the new model of payment cards will be used by all customers of PKO BP.

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Photo source: Robson90 / Shutterstock.com

Text source: Cashless.pl

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