Places at 10 euros in the visitors' stands at Parc des Princes

The cheapest places in the Parc des Princes will therefore be located in the visitors' gallery. The office of the Professional Football League (LFP) endorsed on Thursday the principle of a single rate for the seats of supporters on the move. A fairly low price of 5 euros in Ligue 2 and 10 euros in Ligue 1, which contrast with the rates in force in the rest of the Parc des Princes (90 euros on average, according to a study by UEFA).

It is this difference that first led to reluctance on the part of Paris to adopt this measure. Nasser Al-Khelaïfi, who was absent from the LFP office on Thursday, sent a letter affirming PSG's position, but said it would not stand in the way of consensus. He wanted the maximum amount to be set at 20 euros to maintain consistency with the cheapest tickets of the Parc des Princes. Toulouse, which practiced a very high tariff policy during the reception of the PSG, was rather reluctant too, but all the clubs finally found this agreement, which must be ratified by the board of directors of June 6th.

"This answers one of our old requests," said James Rophe, spokesman for the National Fan Association. We are very happy that this is happening. We can salute the big work done by Nathalie Boy de la Tour, who brought this subject to the League. "

Small size parking?

Until now, there was no regulation to cap the price of tickets. Groups of supporters from Toulouse, Marseille, Dijon or Montpellier have sometimes boycotted the Parc des Princes to protest against very expensive places (sometimes more than 50 euros). Most of the clubs applied reciprocal tariffs: they charged visitors the same price paid by their own supporters in the opposing stadium. The cap imposed by the LFP should therefore considerably soften the overall bill for the more assiduous Parisian fans on the move.

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The reform put in place by the LFP also provides for a change in the "standard" size of the fleet, from 2,000 to 1,000 seats. "This measure is accompanied by maintaining the capacity of visitor areas at 5% of the stadium, by limiting the gauge to 1,000 places, unless specific agreement between the two clubs," says the statement from the LFP.

Deal with empty parking on prefectural decision

In fact, few meetings attract more than 1,000 visiting fans, but this modality leaves the opportunity for clubs to refuse to extend the tonnage on these occasions. PSG is likely to be tempted to stay at this floor to market nearly 1,400 additional tickets for its own supporters.

It also remains to be seen how many visitors park will remain empty next season on prefectural decision. "This is the main topic of the upcoming season," says James Rophe. We agree with the LFP on the subject. This is on the agenda of the National Instance on Support, but we still expect the Minister of Sports (Editor's note: Roxana Maracineanu) that it gives the necessary means to carry the subject. It was discussed at our last plenary meeting (Editor's note: March 26)but nothing has happened since. "

This season, 97 matches (all competitions) have been affected by a total ban (36 matches) or a travel limitation (61 games), according to the NSA's count.

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