Plačka’s extensive statement and LINK to people! Rhythm and Separ also supported her!

Many people were seized on Monday when one of the most prominent influencers in Slovakia, a businesswoman and former participant in a reality show and casting for porn, Zuzana Plačková, found herself in the hands of the police with handcuffs on her hands. She and her husband are accused of drug crime.

However, the judge concluded that it was not necessary for them to continue to be detained and to be released on Thursday afternoon. However, the prosecutor protested, and on October 7, the Supreme Court will decide on the freedom of the Strausz family. Until then, however, they can certainly enjoy freedom.

Fans did not get a proper statement on Thursday, but that changed on Friday. She told the fans that she had taken care of her hygiene and was enjoying the day in her pajamas in front of the TV. And she added the much-anticipated broader statement to the situation. “I would like to thank all the people who have stood by us and stand and believe in us. Of course, leeches, it has always been here, will be and is,” said in instastories and described according to her a typical Slovak feature – mischief. “I wish everyone only what I have wanted in the last days. You’ve finally shown some, “ she bequeathed to all heyers, but also to supporters.

Two stars of Slovak rap – Separ and Rytmus – immediately showed her support under the contribution. “There are no more clairvoyants, sagebrushes and judges living here than here, “ wrote Separ. “Self-appointed judges and investigators. Harmfulness and malice is karma in itself, “ he thought about changing Rhythm, and they both earned thousands of hearts. Interestingly, the flocks were absent from Plačková’s first post, and all of them expressed support for her, even some claiming that they had prayed for her. In the end, it turned out well for the Strausz family so far, Zuzana’s 50,000 followers were added and the business did not seem to have stopped. Gradually, we will continue to express ourselves, but you also understand that we need some rest. “ she asked for patience and went straight to offering her products, like a good businesswoman who, in her own words, does not need to deal with drugs in order to be rich.

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