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Plague of puberty: what really against acne help


Plague of puberty: what really helps against acne

A woman examines her acne in a clinic.

Photo: Science Photo Library / imago / Science Photo Library

A woman examines her acne in a clinic.

Acne is a real torture for many people. For physicians, there are clear triggers of skin disease – and also antidotes.

Just recently, an action by the artist Peter DeVito has made it to Internet ethics: In his photo series “Acne is Normal” shows the American artist people who suffer from the skin disease – unretouched. Yes, he even puts the focus on the supposed blemish. His Instagram account is now followed by nearly 50 million people , His posts are allegedly criticized and commented a thousand times, many users thank him for bringing the topic to the public in this way. DeVito has had acne for years.

Pimples on the face, on the shoulders and on the chest – and especially in puberty, when the self-confidence often goes to zero anyway. Acne can be a curse and the number of teenagers affected is increasing. “Acne is much more common than it was 20 years ago,” says Thomas Dirschka, Special Delegate of the German Dermatologists Association. “About 85 percent of all adolescents at least develop a mild form.”

Acne is favored by sugar and flour

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