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Plan Mi Moto 2022: how to buy in up to 48 installments and what are the brands?

Through Banco Nación you will be able to access financing in interest-free installments for the purchase of motorcycles. Find out the details.

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The National Government and the Chamber of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (CAFAM) have launched a new edition of the Moto Mi Plan. this Monday to buy motorcycles 0 miles domestic manufacture across National Bankby the means renewal of new installments to request 48 installment credits and a funding amount of up to $ 300,000. I know the details.

My Moto Plan: How to buy in up to 48 installments

This is the thirteenth edition Mi Moto Plan will have up to 48 installments and a fixed rate and will have a maximum funding of up to $ 300,000. through the National Bank. To qualify for this benefit, you must have a savings account with Banco Nación. To manage the process, it is done from Here.

This benefit includes both Banco Nación customers and non-customers. To start managing the credit, you must go to the Banco Nación website, where the customer will be pre-qualifiedYou can then reserve the motorcycle via the link provided in the email, which will allow access to “BNA Store”.

Once the reservation is made, you must formalize the loan request in person at the branch.

For those interested in receiving the assets of Banco Nación, they will get a 19.50% TNA Fixed interest rate while the Total Financial Price will be 25.59% and includes principal, interest and VAT on interest. Those who do not receive their salaries at Banco Nación, fixed TNA will be 29.5% and CFT 38.75%.

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My Motorcycle Plan 2022: What are motorcycle brands

The program includes 38 national motorcycle models, from 13 brandsincluding Corven, Bajaj, Brava, Keller, Gilera, Honda, Mondial, Motomel, Suzuki, Guerrero, Okonoi, Zanella and Kiden.

The cheapest model that is part of the Mi Moto plan is the Keller Classic 110, which can fetch $ 164,000.

  • crow
  • Bajaj
  • Brava
  • Keller
  • Gilera
  • Honda
  • World
  • Motomel
  • Suzuki
  • Warrior
  • Okonoi
  • Zanella
  • Kiden

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