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Plane Crash Survivors, Passengers’ Selfies Have Criticized


A plane crashed while on the take-off field. There was an accident, but the passengers survived.

Reported from AFP, a plane from the LATAM airline crashed. This plane takes off from Jorge Chavez International Airport, Peru.

A total of 102 passengers on the plane are all safe. The cabin crew is the same.

In the middle of the evacuation, there were two passengers who did not want to lose the opportunity to take selfies. The faces of the male and female passengers were still covered in firefighter foam.

They were seen smiling at a set of destroyed planes. Firefighters’ saliva can be seen all over the fuselage.

“When life gives you a second chance #latam,” tweeted a passenger under the alias Enrique Versi-Rospiglisi.

The tweets went viral and were criticized. Because without knowing, two officers lost their lives.

From the video circulating, the plane took off at full speed. But suddenly there was a fireman who was also speeding towards the plane.

Collision is inevitable. After the collision, the aircraft continued to move forward by dragging its starboard side on the runway. Flames and smoke appeared. The rear of the plane was badly burned and several parts were broken.

Unfortunately, the two firefighters in the car became victims. The two officers are members of the LAP Aviation Fire Brigade.

LATAM Peru’s general manager Manuel van Oordt said he was surprised firefighters were on the runway because the plane’s pilot had not reported any anomalies.

“No emergency was reported on the flight, it was a flight that was in positive condition for takeoff, it had clearance to take off. All of a sudden a truck was on the runway and we had no idea what that truck was. done there,” he said at a press conference.

Watch video “Private Australian plane crashes in Latvian Sea
[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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