Plane Crashes in South Sudan, All Passengers Die

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A South Supreme Airlines HK-4274 commercial plane crashed in South Sudan on Tuesday (2/3/2021) evening local time and killed 10 people on board.

Denay Jock Chagor, governor of Jonglei state said ten people were killed including eight passengers and two pilots on a flight from the city of Pieri to the capital Juba.

“Our prayers are with their families and loved ones. On my own behalf and on behalf of the people in the state and nation of Jonglei, I share this message of condolence with family and friends who are affected in this moment of sorrow,” said Chagor. in a message of condolence, quoted from the Anadolu news agency.

“It is very shocking and horrifying to receive the news of the South Supreme Airlines plane crash that occurred today, the 2nd day of March 2021 at around 5pm at Pieri Airport.”

Kur Kuol, director of Juba International Airport confirmed this. He said the South Supreme Airlines flight immediately crashed shortly after takeoff at 5 pm local time.

According to him, the plane crashed in an area where there was no network coverage, making it difficult to determine the exact number of fatalities.

The accident is the second incident involving the airline. The first incident occurred in 2017, when a South Supreme Airlines plane caught fire and made an emergency landing, but there were no fatalities.

Until this news was published, South Supreme Airlines has not yet opened its voice to comment on the latest incident.

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