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Play4 presents fall lineup: New programming, special seasons and the return of crowd favorites

Play4 today announced the program that will be shown on the channel this autumn. This concerns new seasons of some popular programs, but also some new titles.

Fall is upon us and with it comes a new television season. Play4 has announced what programs we can expect this fall. It covers 24 titles where there will be something for everyone.

New program

Between 4 Neighbors


The first new program is actually already underway. From this week you can watch every Monday to Thursday Between 4 Neighbors. In this program, hosted by Jani Kazaltzis, neighbors take care of a room in each other’s house in 48 hours.

Celebrity MasterChef Flanders


Completely new Celebrity MasterChef Flanders not But the program will be seen for the preceding on Play4. A few days ago we already learned there ten well-known Flemish who will compete against each other in the kitchen. These are the influences of Sarah Puttemans, TV presenter Cath Luyten, comedian William Boeva, DJ and TV producer Hakim Chatar, TV and radio producer Linde Merckpoel, actress Lynn Van den Broeck, art dealer and Piece of Manexpert Boris Devis, actor Wim Willaert, musician Bent Van Looy and director Charlie Dewulf.

The jury will consist of Inge Waeles of the three-star restaurant Boury, Nick Bril of the two-star restaurant The Jane and the star chef of the restaurant Bistrot du Nord and Michaël Rewers of the star restaurant Bistrot du Nord.

The expedition – Greenland


Tine Embrechts, Joris Hessels, Viktor Verhulst, Sven Mary, Lynn Van Royen, Jinnih Beels, Average Rob and Pommelien Thijs will go on a very challenging trip to Greenland led by two experienced arctic guides. With skis and a heavy sled, they cover a 160 km route in very difficult conditions from Kangerlussuaq to Sissimut, an untouched and desolate area, where it can reach -40 degrees. It is a unique action, but at the same time they are also confronted with their own limits, both physical and emotional, but also those of the group.

UEFA Europa (Conference) League


The Play channels will bring the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Europa League Conference into Flemish living rooms this autumn. Bart Raes and Gilles De Coster, together with idiosyncratic studio guests, will provide the matches with sharp analysis, both before, during and after the matches which always take place on Thursdays.

Come back

Table Gert


The Chart Table returns this fall for a third season, but with a new name. From now on, the program will listen to the name Table Gert. Gert Verhulst will therefore remain a presenter and will talk to at least four table guests every day from Monday to Thursday about the current affairs of the day.

Level 4 Brussels South


Level 4 have for the fourth this fall. This time Eric Goens will be in the Brussels-South police area. We will accompany the police force in the municipalities of Vorst, Sint-Gillis and Anderlecht, where the police fight crime every day.

My worst best friend


Also the fiction series My worst best friend catch a new season on Play4 this fall. This is the second season, which can already be seen on Streamz. But this fall, fans who do not have a subscription to the streaming service can also watch the end of the series. Maaike Cafmeyer, Eva Van der Gucht, Kim Hertogs, Clara Cleymans, Ella-June Henrard, Jennifer Heylen, Charlotte-Anne Bongaerts, Veerle Dejaeger, Joren Seldeslachts, Steve Geerts, Mathias Sercu, Bas Van Weert and Robert De La Haye return. They will be joined by Ella Leyers, Charlotte Timmers, Isabelle Van Hecke, Inge Paulussen and Titus Devangent.

The first episode of the second season of My worst best friend will be released on Play4 on Monday, August 21 at 10 pm From then on you can watch a new episode every Monday to Thursday.

Extreme Makeover Flanders


Also Extreme Makeover Flanders will return this fall. James Cooke will host the program again and will work with a team of experts, family, friends and neighbors to tackle struggling multi-family homes. These are families with heartwarming stories who could use a helping hand because they don’t have the money, opportunity or time to transform their home into that perfect dream home.

True Crime Flanders


True Crime Flanders will again this fall take a closer look at the crimes committed in our country. The new episodes will include the gruesome poison murder by former pharmacist Marc Van Overschelde, the knife murder of Ronald Van Crombruggen and the story of Kelly Hesters who was tortured for an evening by a psychopath.

Hunting Man


Hunting Man will get a third this fall, for which we recently saw the first teaser. Once again, 14 unknown Flemings will try to stay under the radar for 17 days and not be found by an experienced team of investigators themselves.

The Verhulstjes


This fall is already time for the fifth season The Verhulstjes and it will be held this year in different places. For example, the family goes camping in Ardèche, then back to Saint-Tropez, but they also look a bit further north during a cruise in Scandinavia.

The sky is the limit for all the stars


The sky is the limit returns this year with a special season. It’s a season where many beloved faces from previous seasons return. In All Stars in the service are the industrialist Willy Naessens and his wife Marie-Jeanne (seasons 1 to 3), the art dealer Harry Schurmans and his wife Olga (seasons 1 and 2), the founder and owner of the scaffolding company Kontrimo Michel Van den Brande (season 2). up to 4), owner of meat processing company De Nil and son of Marie-Anne De Nil (season 3) and owner of Containers Maes Yves Maes (season 6).

The smartest person in the world


Also The smartest person in the world return This is already the 21st season of the exam. We already know six participants. She is an actress and comedian Jade Mintjensformer Miss Belgium and presenter Annelien CoorevitsDirector Robin Prompt, comedian Alex Agnew, actress and presenter Nathalie Meskens and brand new name Average Rob.

Late night sports


Late night sports will also be shown every Saturday and Sunday on Play4 this autumn. Bart Raes, Gilles De Coster and Joris Brys will discuss all the highlights, goals and football news from the Jupiler Pro League.

Piece of Man


Piece of Man is preparing for its eighth season. Top dealers Bie Baert, Sofie Van de Velde, Frank Van Laer, Yves Chung, Carlo Bonte and Paul De Grande will try to find unique pieces. But for this they will of course have to work strategically again. Also this year some familiar faces will try to sell something from their collection. These are Frank Raes, Petra De Sutter, Isolde Lasoen, Sven De Leijer, Wendy Van Wanten, Cath Luyten, Wim Soutaer and Jan Peumans.

Cooked in Flanders


In Cooked in FlandersThe tents will be set up again this year on the grounds of Groenenberg Castle in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw. Ten new passionate amateur bakers will try to win the title of best baker in Flanders. For this they will of course have to endure the criticism of Regula Ysewijn and Herman Van Dender.

James the Music


This autumn, James Cooke will surprise well-known Flemish people with the music of their lives for the third time. This season Metejoor, Tom Waes, Maaike Cafmeyer, Marc Coucke, Regi and the cast FC Champions present their music.

A new edition will also be released on Friday, April 19, 2024 James De Musical – Live on stage in the Lotto Arena in Antwerp.



The comic series uncle will get a second this fall. These registrations will begin now Monday, August 21, 2023.

Assizes: killing people in insulin


After killing people at the ballet he stopped the second season Assizes in insulin killer sign. In this case, 18-year-old Luna Laeremans was found dead in the barn of her favorite horse. His grandfather, former show jumping champion Dirk Dejager, confessed to the murder. He is a diabetic and gave Luna depressed insulin to put her out of her misery after a tragic fall from her horse. But according to Luna’s parents, their daughter was not depressed at all. It is believed that Dirk killed his daughter because he could not fulfill his dream of becoming a jumping champion. Lawyers Bregt Craps (Filip Peeters) and Anna Senden (Ann Miller) will also face each other in court in this case.

Once again, two endings will be filmed, and the choice between guilt and innocence rests with the viewer.

elder brother


elder brother will also return this fall with a new edition. It is already the fourth season since the reboot of the program. You will be able to follow the program every day on Play4, but also 24/7 through the live stream on goplay.be.

wtFOCK: Anaïs


The sixth season of wtFUCK was only shown this spring, but this fall it is already time for the seventh season. The focus will be on that Anaisthat we already knew about wtfock: Yes.

wtFOCK: Anaïs will be featured on GoPlay.

Behind the scenes


Also the podcast Behind the scenes and Pieterjan Marchand and Jeff Bronder of SuperContent return this fall. In the podcast, Pieterjan and Jeff will talk again with some familiar faces about the behind-the-scenes insights of the Flemish media landscape.

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