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PlayStation Plus will try to catch up with Game Pass, but won’t attract new subscribers, analyst says

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Since its announcement and it is something that is totally irremediable, many PlayStation or Xbox fan players have compared the new PS Plus with Game Pass, one of its low points being that day one releases are not offered in the service’s library. Sony.

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And during a conversation on the Wccftech site, Karol Severin, who is a senior analyst and product manager at MIDiA Research, indicated that this could generate little interest from new subscribers, causing few users to purchase any of the service plans.

According to Severin, the move is more about trying to catch up with Game Pass, rather than driving innovation in the market, where PlayStation has consolidated its game streaming offering and online multiplayer services into one, just as it has. GamePass in the past.

“For one, PS Plus will provide access to more games than Xbox Game Pass. However, PS Plus fell short of a key benefit: day one access. Game Pass also includes access to EA Play. Still, depending on whether consumers prioritize number of titles or day one access, PS has certainly moved closer to Game Pass in terms of value exchange than it was before, but I wouldn’t say it’s taken on a advantage,” said the analyst.

A look that is shared not only by industry analysts, but also by many gamers who expect PlayStation’s video game subscription service to compete in a real way and on a par with Xbox’s, although according to Jim Ryan, head of Sony, not rules out that the option of access to the first day of some exclusives arrives after a year or more after the new PlayStation Plus is launched.

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