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pledges to finish Durango-Culiacán highway

The President Andrés Manuel López Obrador put into operation the Sahuatenipa Bridge, which had a cost of 31.2 million pesos, “is an example that without corruption you can do good works at low cost,” he said.

“Just think about how much the road cost, the highway from Durango to Mazatlan. It is the road, without a doubt, the most expensive in the world, because they were stealing money, it was a bottomless barrel. ”

The president promised to invest one billion pesos, plus another billion pesos, to finish the road of 12 kilometers and nine bridges.

Here we with two billion are going to have this way of Durango to Sinaloa. We are also going to set that example, that good works can be done at low cost, that is, without corruption, that is another example for everyone. ”


López Obrador also pledged to expand the Sembrando Vida program in Durango and to build a Museum in the house where he was born Guadalupe Victoria, which is in the municipal seat of Tamazula.

For his part, Governor José Rosas Aispuro (PAN) said that the road is a yearning for more than 50 years of the inhabitants of this region and endorsed the coordinated work of his government with the Federation.

“In this state we support the Fourth Transformation that you lead to realize the desire to end the social inequality that Durango has been condemned for many years.”

The PAN Governor said that Duranguenses do not want to continue living in the same conditions, so the people of this region of Las Quebradas, by Tamazula, endorse your commitment to continue working closely with your government and to support your public policies for the benefit of citizens.



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