plot 18 October 2020, episode advances

Encarnacion and Jesus Urrutia / The secret (photo by Mediaset)

Advances bet de The secret of Sunday 18 October 2020:

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Marta returns from the mission accomplished for the Mayor together with Adolfo, who had wanted to accompany her, and reports the message from Lieutenant Grijalbo. Meanwhile, the “sparks” continue between Dolores and Tiburcio and no one can stand them anymore, not even the customers …

Francisca and Matias are very anxious for Raimundo, whom they cannot find and of whom they have not heard from for a long time. Eulalia has instead tracked down the man thanks to Campuzano and now she wants to capture him!

Manuela accuses a new illness and seems to be getting worse and worse. Meanwhile, Ignacio finally manages to talk to Pablo about his true origins. We close with a photo taken from the episode.

Jesus and Encarnacion / Foto Mediaset
Jesus and Encarnacion / Foto Mediaset

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