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Plzeň – Slavia 0: 1, After a one-year break, Slavia added a cup to the title and celebrates the double

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

What more could the Pilsen Falta wish for? No one was far and wide around him, only the Slavic goalkeeper in front of him. Just a 100% goal opportunity. Plus, after ten minutes of the final game!

Nevertheless, Falta failed and did not beat Kolář.

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At the same time, the home Victoria would deserve the lead, because despite the recent beating in Eden, she started against the favored Praguers without respect, attacked them in the middle of them, acted very actively and therefore logically had the upper hand.

Falta burned down, however, the long-range shot of Beauguel, who appeared in the basic lineup despite health problems, just as Brabec appeared in it, could not endanger Kolář, the Slavic goalkeeper also dealt with Kalvach’s shot from the penalty kick at the end of the first half.

The interest on the Pilsen initiative, which was also reflected in the number of bullets aimed between the bars, did not appear.

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Slavia got to the first and for the whole first half the only threat to Staňka’s goal only in the 37th minute, when Masopust fired from the volley above the goal.

Pilsen skillfully dismantled her combination, covered her wing spaces on her own half, played emphatically, did not give her space space, won personal fights and confirmed that she can play as a three-time champion with a three-time champion of the last three seasons. Especially when the guests seemed too professorial and masterful …

In the second half, however, a slightly different Slavia came out. Patient, more active, offensive, in a heavy downpour and hail taking over the activity. Especially after Havel had to leave the field prematurely after nine minutes. He fouled Deli, and because he had already drawn the yellow card at the beginning of the match, he received a red card.

It was difficult for Bílek’s team to stick to the score from the first half, but he still tried. However, the chances were born for a long time only in front of the Pilsen gate. Stanciu, Bah and Kuchta have not yet succeeded, but the alternating Sima passed the goalkeeper Staňek through the center of Deli and a great Oscar pass.

No secrets. Slavia also counts on Deli’s return to Brugg. He has a very high contract, the coach confirmed

Viktoria was immediately offered the opportunity to equalize the score, but Čermák’s header lacked the necessary force, and Brabec then overshot the goal in a promising chance in the penultimate minute, so Slavia could celebrate.

Cup triumph and double …

Even Van Buren’s unchanged thousand percent chance in the last seconds didn’t have to bother her.

Final of the Czech MOL Cup:
Viktoria Plzen – Slavia Praha 0: 1 (0: 0)
Goal: 73. Sima. Judges: Hrubeš – Caletka, Vlček – Orel (video). ŽK: Havel, Ondrášek, Hejda – Masopust, Kolář. ČK: 54. Havel. Attendance: 1,167.
Pilsen: Staněk – Hejda, Brabec, Hybš – Havel, Bucha (85. Ba Loua), Kalvach, Čermák (89. Ondrášek), Falta – Šulc (74. Kayamba), Beauguel (85. Miháílik). Coach: Bílek.
Slavia: Kolář – Masopust (60. Sima), Kúdela, Deli (80. Zima), Bořil – Hromada (60. Traoré) – Bah, Ševčík, Stanciu (80. Lingr), Oscar – Kuchta (80.Van Buen). Coach: Trpišovský.


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