PMU – Arrival of the quinté of Friday, July 12 in Cabourg: Buddy of Cedar is the strongest


Arrival of the quinté : 4 – 1 – 15 – 10 – 13

Sixteen competitors were struggling in the end of the week played on the rope course to the right of Cabourg Racecourse. While Calimero of Thiole (No. 9) and Choomy Deladou (# 11) were faulty shortly after the start, the favorite, Corporal la Borie (No. 6) ran as fast and controlled the event until the entrance to the straight line before giving signs of weariness and giving up completely. Quickly placed well, despite his initial handicap, Clyde Barrow (# 16) was alone in the lead at the entrance to the straight line before experiencing a difficult finish and returning completely to the rank to settle for 6th place. Patient, Cedar buddy (No. 4) went on the offensive in the final turn before easily creating the difference in the final phase. He is ahead Boxer of the Leases (n ° 1) and Carioca of Lou (No. 15). The latter curled the correctional on a long incarceration in front of the stands before ending in a pleasant action. Be Good (n ° 10), good finisher, completes the arrival of the quarté and precedes Brihana (No. 13), whose end of race did not go unnoticed.

Steavie Doussot indicated the quarté in the disorder.


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