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Pneumonia in old age does not always have to be combated

What is important is what the patient wants: Care in the Charité palliative care unit.
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Death from pneumonia in old age does not have to be combated in every case. It depends on what the patient wants – this can also be palliative care. A guest post.

AEven in Germany, the Covid 19 crisis is now presenting society, citizens and experts with a number of oppressive challenges. One of those that still receives too little public attention and support is the impending infection of many retirement homes and care facilities. In North Rhine-Westphalia, over 40 percent of previous Covid-19-related deaths are said to have occurred in nursing homes. You have to get involved with this problem in order to cushion the damage – first and foremost for the residents themselves. It won’t be easy.

The residents of the more than 14,000 retirement homes in Germany are at high risk because protective measures are particularly difficult to implement there. And because contagion is particularly dangerous for these often sick and fragile people.


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