Podcast "The Battle of Enterprises": How Nike and Adidas Fight Globally


When hip-hop star Kanye West enters a concert stage in New York in February 2015, he is only supposed to present a few new songs. But most of all, the rapper suddenly starts in the middle of the show to mob the sporting goods giant Nike. "We're not talking about that other brand okay, and we're not wearing it anymore," he yells at the fans in front of the stage.

The reason for the strange outburst: Short before, West had parted in the dispute of his partner Nike – and had defected in the battle of sneaker manufacturers directly to the enemy side. He has since sold his hyped Yeezy shoes exclusively for Adidas.

With the Kanye West scene, the first episode of the podcast series "Kampf der Unternehmen", the German version of the US podcast hit "Business Wars", which started on November 4 at Audio Now (here you can listen), begins.

The first episodes are dedicated to the global battle of sporting goods giants Nike and Adidas. The "Sneakerheads" starting period is all about the amazing importance sports shoes with rubber soles could gain. The sneaker market is about 55 billion dollars worldwide. Classics such as the Adidas Superstar or the Nike Air Jordan not only sell well, but also shape the brand image of the manufacturers. And Kanye West's Yeezy Boost is considered one of the industry's most influential sneakers.

In the coming episodes, "Combat of the Enterprise", according to the announcement, sheds light on epic duels like Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi or McDonald's vs. Burger King. The English-language original by US podcast producer Wondery already includes 170 episodes. It tells the stories of ambitious inventors, managers and investors and how their struggles for recognition, power and money affect our society and ourselves as consumers. The German version of the podcast speaks Amiaz Habtu, known as presenter of the Vox founder show "The Cave of the Lions".


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