Pogo Szczecin after penalties in the 1/8 final of the PP! The bizarre “eleven” of the Kucharczyk [WIDEO] Pika nona

The game, which started at 12:30 in Płock, the hosts started better. The team of Radosław Sobolewski took the lead in the 18th minute after a shot by Mateusz Lewandowski. A quarter of an hour later, however, it was already a draw after Kamil Drygas confidently turned the penalty kick into a goal.

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In the 79th minute the task Pogoni Szczecin facilitated Giorgi Merebashvili. It was then that the Georgian saw a second yellow card, through which he had to leave the field. For the first time a competitor Wisła Płock he was reprimanded in the 52nd minute.

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Pogoń advanced to the 1/8 finals of the Polish Cup

The match was not decided on time games, the winner was also not determined in extra time. Therefore, penalty kicks were needed, which were better performed by the guests, although he did not show off in the first shot Michał Kucharczyk. The Pogoń player hit the middle of the goal and Krzysztof Kamiński calmly intervened.

Fortunately for the guests and Kucharczyk, the players did even worse Wisy Pock. In the third series Piotr Pyrdoł made a mistake, and in the fifth, in the last shot, Airam Cabrera. The Spaniard could even give the hosts a promotion, because Hubert Matynia, another Pogoń player, missed in the fourth round. He could, but he didn’t score, and after him Milan Obradović made a mistake and the players from Szczecin advanced to the 1/8 finals.

Robert Lewandowski and debuting coach Jerzy Brzęczek during the training of the national team.  Warszwawa, Międzylesie, 3 September 2018Boniek and Brzęczek admonish Lewandowski. “Fans will blame him”

It is not known yet who will be Pogoń’s rival. The lottery will decide about it. The matches of the next phase of the Polish Cup are scheduled for the second week of February next year.

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