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Pokémon Sword and Shield, Amnesia Rebirth, Doom Eternal … JV releases for the week of October 19

We come back to the most anticipated JV releases of the week, with a lot of important DLCs to be expected in the next 7 days … especially for Pokemon Sword and Shield and Doom Eternal.

Pokémon Sword and Shield DLC 2: The Snowy Crowns

A new DLC for Pokémon

The second DLC for Pokémon Sword and Shield, Crown Snow Lands, is about to arrive on Nintendo Switch! Succeeding the Lonely Isle of Armor, players will be able to meet Dhilan, a new rival here.. The idea is simple: find new legendary Pokémon from older generations, but also the brand new Sylveroy. We can also participate in various raids, or the Galar Stars Tournament. In short, a ton of new content for this DLC which will be available on October 23.

Doom Eternal DLC : The Ancient Gods

A new extension for the famous FPS

Pokémon is not the only game to be entitled to a new DLC, since Doom Eternal to launch The Ancient Gods, starting October 20 (or tomorrow). In this expansion, players will have to face an old devil, but also lots of new demons in completely new areas. Enough to dive back into the nervous FPS that conquered so many people when it was released a few months ago.

Amnesia Rebirth

The Return of the Horror King

Long before Outcast, Slender or even PT, Amnesia The Dark Descent marked an entire generation of gamers as the scariest game in history, at least when it was released in 2010.. 10 years later, the king of horror is about to make his comeback: in this new adventure, the player will play the protagonist Tasi Trianon through the Algerian desert. A trip which, of course, will not take the turn we expected. Amnesia Rebirth will be available tomorrow, October 20, for PC and PS4.


A new expected rogue-like

Rogue-Like (or Lite, we end up not knowing the difference) are on the rise at the moment, especially with the rather incredible success of Hades. And now Scourgebringer is about to invest living rooms and PCs around the world, in a genre at the crossroads between Dead Cells and Celeste. The gameplay is clearly action-oriented, but should also require a lot of reflexes from the player, especially with fiery platform phases. Available from October 21, the game will be playable on PC, Switch and Xbox One.

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