Polemics and competition: why Le Pen did not want Zemmour to top the list?


Marine Le Pen confirmed Monday to have proposed the 3e Place on the list National Rally to Europeans Eric Zemmour. She reacted to claims that he declined the proposal to be on the list. An idea that would have pleased some RN executives, less to its president.

According to France Inter, Eric Zemmour was indeed tempted by the political adventure, especially under the impetus of the deputy and spokesman of the RN Sebastien Chenu. But still it would have been necessary that the offer is attractive. A third place on a European list obviously did not convince him because he did not accept.

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Some of Marine Le Pen's entourage would have pushed her to propose him the top of the list, the polemist being according to them able to "break the screen" and D'"explode Wauquiez and Dupont-Aignan" by gathering all the conservative rights, according to party cadres interviewed by the radio. But despite this, Marine Le Pen has left the first place to Jordan Bardella.

Still according to France Inter, this choice would have two reasons. The first would have been to avoid allowing too much freedom of speech and choice within the team to a Eric Zemmour known for his outings and which does not owe a particular allegiance to the party and all of its ideas. . "With Eric, it will be a controversy per day ", would have summarized Marine Le Pen.

The second reason is not related to this election. Marine Le Pen would not have wished either to facilitate the outbreak in politics of a figure already popular but not quite on the same line, and who could have "Shadow him in the prospect 2022", always according to a RN framework.

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