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Police apologize for blemishes

On Saturday afternoon, Dagbladet reported that the police had stopped a corona-infected man at Gardermoen. The man had shown a document showing that he was healthy, and the police assumed that this was false.

Later on Saturday night, it appears that the man was not infected with corona anyway – and the certificate was authentic. Now the police apologize, and the case against the man is dropped.

– What I can say is that we build information we have received from the Oslo emergency room. It appears that he has tested positive on February 25, says operations manager Terje Marstad to Dagbladet.

Has started the «revenge raid»

Sorry in person

However, the man has been infected at a much earlier time, and had completed the isolation period.

– It is also the case that if you have been covid-infected, you are still covid-positive long after you are not contagious. There was information we did not have access to right then. So it is particularly unfortunate that we have helped to deprive this man of the opportunity to travel, the operations manager continues.

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At 9 pm, Marstad says that he has personally been in contact with the man and apologized.

– A few minutes ago I was in contact with the man, and apologized for what had happened.

Marstad says that the man took it nicely.

– I said that we built on the information we had from health in Oslo. Then that documentation could not be true, we thought. And we know, unfortunately, that there are cases where people falsify such documentation.

The documentation seized by the police will now be returned to the man.

- Bizarre outcomes and lack of logic

– Bizarre outcomes and lack of logic

DNA rester

Municipal chief physician Unni-Berit Schjervheim in Ullensaker municipality tells VG that the man was on dry land.

– He had been ill, was in isolation and was out of it now. He had a certificate for that, she says.

The positive sample was a false positive as a result of DNA residues after the viral infection, she explains.

She also says that someone “did not check well enough”.

– There is no doubt that somewhere they have been a communication failure, says Marstad.

Dagbladet will return with more.

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