Police assault in Marina di Carrara, the attackers tracked down – Chronicle

Massa Carrara, 16 September 2020 – Turning into theassault on police officers which took place last August 23 a Marina of Carrara. At dawn today, the agents of Massa Carrara have performed several precautionary measures issued by the judge for the preliminary investigations of the Court of Massa against those responsible for the attack on the staff of the steering wheels, provisions consisting of the obligation to stay at home, presentation to the judicial police and obligation to sign.

50 agents from the Carrara police station participated in the operation, with the help of personnel from the Flying Squad, the Digos and the Flying Squads of the Massa Carrara Police Headquarters as well as the Crime Prevention Department of Florence who are carrying out searches in the homes of the suspects. The investigation originates from the episodes that had occurred during the evening of last August 23, when during an intervention for an ongoing dispute, the operators of the Carrara police station were surrounded and attacked by a crowd of young people being targeted with blows, spits and throwing objects. The suspects are charged with the crimes of damage, receiving stolen goods, violence and resistance to a public official, all aggravated by the fact of having committed the crime in conjunction with more than ten people.

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