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Police carry out intense search in Independence to capture Camila’s killer | NNDC Lima

The police reactivated this morning the search operation to catch the main suspect in the murder of the four-year-old girl, whose body was found in a sack in the La Mina sector, in Independence.

Agents look for a child under 15 on the hills of that district, who was identified after being registered in the video of a security camera.

In the early morning a police deployment was carried out with the participation of some 250 agents from different police units that had the support of a helicopter.

“We are combing the entire area to locate this subject. House by house. We ask the population for calm,” PNP General Augusto Sánchez Bermúdez told the RPP.

(Photo: Kelvin García)
(Photo: Kelvin García)

According to the report, residents of the Bellavista zones 2 and January 23 remain awake at the doors of their homes. Some have even joined in the search for police with stones and sticks.

For his part, Commander Wilber Torres, from the Payet police station, explained that the 15-year-old child is related to people engaged in land traffic, who would be protecting him from being found by the police.

(Photo: Kelvin García)
(Photo: Kelvin García)

“We know that this boy has supported people who are dedicated to ground traffic, since he knows the area as the palm of his hand. These people are interested in not being captured because he is one of those who is dedicated to ‘pampear’, which is nothing other than flattening the land to be able to lotize them, ”he explained.

Torres added that it has been discovered that the alleged perpetrator of the crime had a Facebook account with another name. He also asked the neighbors not to spread false catch alerts or suspects.

“Some unscrupulous people are taking advantage of this situation, dealing with the pain of others, sweeping people. They are people who want political prominence, in all the problems that are in Independence they are involved, ”said the officer.

(Photo: Kelvin García)
(Photo: Kelvin García)

Tuesday night, neighbors of Independence They held a vigil on the front of the Payet Police Station demanding justice for Camila.


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