Police caught motorist using laughing gas in IJtunnel

The police caught the driver of a passenger car last night using laughing gas behind the wheel.

The car drove through the IJtunnel, where a police car was also driving at that time. The passenger car stood out because the driver had difficulty following the lines on the road and corrected this with jerky steering movements. When the police car started driving next to the passenger car, the driver could be seen inhaling a laughing gas balloon.

Second time

The car was then pulled over as soon as possible. A nitrous oxide tank was subsequently found in the car. An official report has been drawn up against the driver, a 24-year-old man from Almere, for driving under the influence and for improperly transporting laughing gas. The man’s driver’s license was immediately recovered. The CBR will determine whether the driver can get his driving license back. Less than a year ago, the man was arrested for the same offense.

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