Saturday, 19 Jan 2019

Police comment on the death of star DJ Avicii

Avicii is dead. The Swedish star DJ died at the age of only 28 years. The cause of death is not yet publicly known. But now the police comment on the case.

On Friday announced the press spokesman of the DJs with the real name Tim Bergling, that one found him dead in Oman’s capital Nutmeg have. The case was a priority for the local police. Meanwhile, officials say, however, that they are no crime behind the death of Avicii suspect.

“We have all the information, we know what happened, but we will not pass it on to the media,” says a statement in Swedish television channel SVT News. Furthermore, the police are quoted as saying: “If it comes to us, his body can already be transported home today because we have closed the case.”

The US-American celebrity portal “TMZ” also reports currently that Aviciis older brother David in the Oman traveled to seek answers to the sudden and unexpected death of the young man. Just a few hours after Avicii was found dead, he checked into a hotel in Muscat.

Who was Avicii?

Already in his early 20s Tim Bergling started as Avicii. Songs like “Wake Me Up”, “Levels” or “Hey Brother” should be in the ear of most listeners. The former was named the 2013 summer hit of the year. “Levels” already made him famous worldwide. Avicii became a big hit in the music scene, already worked together with many celebrities , For example, with Wyclef Jean . David Guetta or Lenny Kravitz and even Madonna he recorded singles.

In 2016 he announced his retirement from the turntables and thus the end of his career. Since then, he only made music in the studio, was at that time just 26 years old. But he emphasized that he wanted more time for his private life.

Drug and alcohol problems

In recent years, Avicii has spoken openly about his health problems. Excessive alcohol consumption caused inflammation of the pancreas. In 2014, both gallbladder and appendix had to be removed. Because of his alcohol addiction, he is even said to have been twice in therapy. He should also have had drug problems.

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