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Prague Suck up your veil, call a police officer at one of the bus stop to crack a public transport without having to pay a wall ticket. The refusal, however, raises the ID card and the uniformed man writes a block with a fine.

It has recently been carried out by similar agreements. Only as the epidemiological situation worsened, benevolence subsided. The police officers are aware that the space for a varied agreement has been exhausted and it is necessary to proceed with written sanctions, said Police President Jan vejdar for Lidovky.cz.

In this respect, the councilors also have the support in the head of state: I asked the Minister of the Interior Jan Hamek to use the Police of the Czech Republic in a lawful manner and to fine the fine where it is obligatory, said Milo Zeman in a televised speech.

However, according to the leader, the police will not result in a dramatic disruption of the horseshoe. From the 18th, the police imposed 397 block fines and reported 662 people to the first woman.

If no agreement is made, the police officer will usually impose fines in du hundred crowns. But there are also much more noticeable sanctions. In the event of a breach of crisis measures, the government threatens a fine of up to twenty thousand crowns, with the proviso that the city can be resolved in a prominent woman and up to ten thousand crowns. Nenoen Rouek is violated by an extraordinary measure of the Ministry of Health, and for that threat of a fine of three million crowns, he warned Lidovky.cz. He added that even in such a case it is possible to count on the city sanctions up to ten thousand.

The police president believes that most people are being observed against the anti-people. According to him, there is a small group of people who refuse to respect them in principle. The result is an uncontrollable virus, even in police forces. We currently have a team of 630 police officers positive for law and another number of 840 police in quarantine, described the leader.

In general, several conditions must be met in order for a fine to be imposed: no agreement, accusation of consent to the status quo, with the first qualification of the act, imposition of the fine and its issuance in the order of command.

If the facts are not met, the whole matter is reported to the first body, added Eduard uster, director of the Prague City Police, for Lidovky.cz. In addition to the cracks of hygiene, in the capital there will be a department of security of the master, where the matter is important in the right women.

Drtiv vtina pestupk zatm con by agreement

The most circumvented safety rules are observed by the first wash page. During inspections, they found thousands of offspring, according to uster. In the first year alone, there were a total of 3,482 cases of violations of some of the restrictions, 74hnk received a fine of a total of 44,600 crowns, 43 the case was reported to the first authorities and 3365 cases were resolved by agreement.

Similarly benevolent were ivz. A total of 11201 cases of violations of all crisis and extraordinary measures were imposed on the city for washing, in 284 cases a fine of a total of 91300 crowns was imposed by the city order, 112 the case was reported to the correct authority and 10805 the case was settled by agreement.

Someone in the fight against pandas is not just about Prague. For example, ivBrn and Pilsen, for example, appear to a lesser extent. Every week, the stings alert the people to small imperfections, such as a snout tucked under the nose. The individual judges assess the individual races according to the specific circumstances. But when there is no left, we fine, David Chaloupka, a spokesman for the Brno City Police Headquarters, responded.

A similar situation was confirmed by the city police in Pilsen, where in most cases the agreement is also notified of the correct deployment of the pipeline. In the case of fines, the lowest amount is from three hundred crowns, added Martina Korandov, a spokesman for the Regional Police Directorate of the Pilsen Region.

If the police president warns that the space for agreements is over, the city police in Prague does not see it so easily. He reminded that the Czech first does not contain enough functional tools to ensure compliance with emergency measures, if, despite the dramatic spread, the company has grown to be able to follow this principle on its own. As it did in the first spring wave of the pandemic.

Unfortunately, the law on the competence of the Police of the Czech Republic and the general police to punish violations of crisis measures and extraordinary measures, as well as the declaration of a state of emergency, did not change anything about this situation, as long as the state of emergency lamented.

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