Wednesday, 12 Dec 2018

Police find a man who lost the engagement ring while he was proposing a Times Square grid

Alex Horton Journalist responsible for the general mission covering national news and the latest news on December 2nd at 3:14 pm. Just before midnight, a man standing on a sidewalk near the Garden of Olives in Times Square decided the place was quite romantic. The sidewalk itself is indefinable. It is wide enough for buyers to jostle on the street. Gutters sparkle with waste. And then, the proposal turned to the south. His girlfriend said yes, Saturday announced the New York Police Department, but the unidentified man missed the engagement ring. He bounced eight feet into a utility grid. A short surveillance video released by the ministry shows the man apparently troubled, hands spread like a comedian imploring the crowd after a bad joke. The unidentified woman bent over to assess the fall. The man lay down to look into the abyss.
The couple who lost the ring. (New York Police Department) The couple called agents from the area to ask for help, Sgt. Lee Jones, a spokeswoman for the department, told the Washington Post Sunday. But they could not get the ring back. The couple left without filing a police report or providing contact details. The agents returned to the scene Saturday morning, removed the grill and recovered the ring, and then launched a social media campaign to find the couple. Nearly 12,000 people have retweeted the video since Saturday, attracting many public word games. A choice of answer,
channel Beyoncé: "He should have put a string on it." The department has cleaned the ring and recorded it glued to a chair on social media, with surveillance photos of the couple. The story made the headlines, one of them calling the proposal "romantic". It was also in 2018, when prosecutors alleged that the story of a homeless man giving his last dollars to a distressed couple – captivating the country and pushing him to give him $ 400,000 – was an elaborate hoax. There was a place for doubt at first. The moment would be worthy of a groan in a television comedy designed for television. And maybe just as predictable, their story ends well. On Sunday afternoon, the New York police told the unfortunate pair, who is from England, that the authorities were "looking for them". "We are making arrangements to give them their ring Congratulations!" tweeted. Read More: Miami officer suspended after video showing profaning Jewish texts, says President Neil deGrasse Tyson under investigation after charges of sexual misconduct .

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