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Police have to enforce rules again and again

by drbyos

Despite the spring weather, people in Germany largely followed the current regulations – but there were always exceptions. The police intervened repeatedly.

No major spring excursions and at least 1.5 meters away: the corona rules are in at the weekend Germany largely followed. But there were also violations, especially on sunny Saturday, as various police reports show. So had to Berlin several crowds of people are dissolved.

Empty city centers, only a few excursionists on mountains and lakes – that is what it often looked like Bavaria out. The police reported operations in almost all government districts because the restrictions were violated. In Upper Bavaria alone, the police went out more than 150 times because no distance was kept or barbecues were held. “It was absolutely amazing,” said a spokesman.

In Saarbrucken According to the police, many people on the banks of the Saar behaved as if there were no restrictions. “Altogether 150 to 200 people had to be asked to leave the location and go apart at the same time,” said a spokesman. In Salzgitter in Lower Saxony the police were busy keeping people apart in parks and lakes. At times, the emergency services counted 200 people at the Salzgittersee.

In Leipzig The police broke up a family celebration in a garage and a gathering of 85 people in a park. in the resin The police encountered numerous day trippers, although tourist trips after Saxony-Anhalt are actually prohibited. Basically, in most federal states, you can only travel alone or in pairs. Exceptions apply to families and residents of a shared apartment.


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