Police investigate traces secured in Fred van Leer robbery case | NOW

The Rotterdam police are currently investigating traces that they have secured in the investigation into the raid on presenter Fred van Leer. A spokesperson for the police confirms to NU.nl on Friday after reporting it AD that this may take some time.

The Netherlands Forensic Institute is carefully examining the traces, the spokesman reports. The results of the study are expected in the course of the week.

Van Leer was attacked at home last Wednesday morning by two men who had dressed up as PostNL employees. The presenter was threatened with a firearm and the two robbers then took off on foot.

Officers have confiscated the gun used by the robbers and are examining it for DNA traces. They also found a cap and a stolen scooter. This was parked a few houses next to Van Leer’s house. The presenter has announced that he will report it.

Van Leer was left with a bruised rib from the robbery. “It’s tough, but I’m in some sort of survival mode,” he said on Wednesday. “I feel good, strengthened and fighting. I have been faced with hotter fires.”


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