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Police issue nine complaints in the new curfew

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After the first day of the new executive order, three people were arrested and nine were denounced for alleged violations of the curfew, which seeks to prevent the spread of the cCOVID-19 oronavirus.

The low numbers occur after reports of a significant increase in the flow of citizens on the streets yesterday, after the restriction on traffic according to the numbering of the tablet was removed.

The Police, as well as mayors, indicated long lines and large numbers of people in shops at the beginning of what is considered the peak week of cases of infections.

Of the total, three complaints were in the Caguas police region, two in Bayamón, one in Guayama and one in Aibonito.

Since the government restrictions began, with the first executive order on March 16, the Police has issued 1,541 complaints and 640 people have been arrested.


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