Police seek young man who assaulted 14-year-old girl in … (Interior)

Bruges / Beernem –

The police are looking for a young man who assaulted a 14-year-old girl on the train between Bruges and Beernem in March.

The facts took place on Tuesday, March 16. A 14-year-old girl on her way home from school took the train to Beernem at 6:34 PM in Bruges. In the carriage there was only a young man who suddenly showed his genitals, sat on the victim’s lap, and grabbed the girl by the arm. “Then the suspect took the back of the victim’s neck with his other hand and pushed the victim with her head down towards his genitals,” police said. “The girl was able to push the perpetrator away, and her hand accidentally came into contact with the genitals of the suspect.”

The train arrived at Beernem station around 6.45 pm. The suspect got off – just like the victim – and fled over the tracks in the direction of the Wingene Steenweg. The young man is about 1.70 to 1.75 meters tall, and around 18 years old. He has a sporty build, and according to the victim he looked very pale. On the day of the event, he was wearing a gray cap, gray trousers, a gray sweater with pale lettering, and a blue face mask. He also had a black backpack with him.

Do you have more information about this case? Let us know via this form from the police, or via the toll-free number 0800 / 30.300.

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