Political crisis in Colombia for the refusal to deliver to the US to the ex guerrilla Santrich

Colombia has entered into a crisis of institutionality after the Special Justice for Peace (JEP) denied on Tuesday the extradition to the United States of "Jesus Santrich", one of the leaders of the ex-guerrilla of the Farc accused of drug trafficking at a later date at the signing of the Peace Agreement. Towards noon of Wednesday the Attorney General, Fernando Carrillo, announced the denunciation against that determination of the JEP before the Supreme Court of Justice, and at one in the afternoon the General Prosecutor of the Nation, Néstor Humberto Martínez, irrevocably resigned his position , announcement that came as a surprise during the press conference. The decision was seconded a few minutes by Deputy Prosecutor María Paulina Riveros, leaving the powerful institution that had just supported the extradition of "Santrich".

Faced with the institutional crisis, the Supreme Court should decide next Tuesday whether or not to accept the resignation of the attorney general. In doing so, the Colombian president will have to submit a short list to the Court to choose the new prosecutor. Additionally, faced with the permanent clash of trains between the high courts, the questioning of political sectors related to the government over the JEP and the failed Justice reform, many have planned the possibility of a Constituent Assembly, an exit that in principle President Duque prefers to avoid going to solve the crisis through existing institutions. Although that is the preferred departure of his group in Congress and its political leader, the former president and today senator Álvaro Uribe Vélez, it would allow them to make other constitutional changes that they have not achieved through institutional channels.

The future of ex-Prosecutor Martinez will be the subject of another chapter, although he said yesterday that after his resignation he will dedicate himself to writing and to his family, many will predict an electoral future. Others are confident that their knowledge of corruption in the Odebrecht scandal – the Brazilian company that paid bribes to senior Latin American officials – will finally come to light. (tagsToTranslate) colombia (t) santrich

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