Political responsibility


The minimum, the basic, the obvious, the logical and the decent is that our politicians are responsible. In a second step, the minimum, the basic, the obvious, the logical and the coherent is that they exercise their duties responsibly. And in a third phase, in reality the order is random, the minimum, the basic, the logical, the obvious and the serious thing is that they assume their political responsibilities both when things go well and when they are painted brown.

Maybe I have some confusion about the meaning of minimal, basic, obvious and logical. Maybe not. But I have no doubt what decent, coherent and serious means. Just in case, I have taken some time to consult with the RAE dictionary before applying these qualifications to the plagued mess of irregularities that we are living in Valencia with the great fraud that affects EMT.

I will not be the one to accuse anyone of anything. God free me, that's what politicians are for and, in other instances, prosecutors and judges. But no matter how much I give it, I do not understand how, at this point, I do not have the feeling that nobody, absolutely nobody, has assumed his political responsibilities, has made his position available to the session and has gone home to prepare a Good report of what has happened.

I am worth the explanation that everything has been the product of a chain of errors, protocol failures, and vulnerability of payment systems. Okay. You have to correct them and learn from mistakes so that they do not happen again. Especially so that they do not cost us a pasón to the Valencians who, after all, are the pagans of the scammed money.

After saying this, which is a rational and prudent position, and before climbing the walls, something that does not suit me and is not my style, I do not quite understand how those responsible, or the responsible, politician is still in charge, charged of reasons and silencing whenever you can the sources of information around the case at hand.

You cannot be judge and party. It is not surprising that the Socialist Group of the Valencia City Council does not want the president of the EMT, Giuseppe Grezzi, to be part of the commission to investigate the fraud. It's drawer, I say. Well, the response of the government team to that request has been to replace the socialist spokeswoman, Sandra Gómez, of the commission of the Valencia 2007 Consortium, of which the previous exercise was part, by the councilor Galiana. I do not want to be malpensado, nothing is further from my intentions, but this sounds, it seems, seems and makes you think of a vendetta in the purest Italian style, said in a strictly etymological sense and without any acrimony, do not think.

And it is not uncommon for the mayor to name one of his own for that commission, the strange thing is that it was part of the agreement between PSPV and Compromís that the socialist mayor Pilar Bernabé entered that commission on behalf of the City of Valencia. Anyway, I ask … pact by air?

Let's see, I don't want the trees not to let us see the forest. Account adjustments aside, I still don't know how by now nobody has assumed political responsibilities. Let me the chasticism: I'm freaking out. .


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