Polls, Salvini’s league down. A big party collapses. THE DATA

Political polls: M5s boom, collapse of the Democratic Party

The League of Matteo Salvini mantiene la leadership nei surveys: is still in the lead but still loses consensus, even if in moderate quantities. With a drop of 0.3% the Carroccio goes to 24%. More and more in trouble the Pd which with a drop of 0.8% drops to 20.4%. This is what emerges from the last poll created by Ipsos for Corriere della Sera which highlights a clear and unexpected recovery of the 5 star movement. By gaining 1.3%, the grillini reach 18% of the acclaim. The comparison is with the poll of 28 May.

Polls, Fratelli d’Italia threatens the M5s, Forza Italia and Italia Viva are down

The M5s peels off slightly Brothers of Italy, but the party of Giorgia Meloni continues to gain support. Even if the recovery is moderate this time, Fdi it rises to 16.3% gaining 1.3% of the votes. Slightly down instead Come on Italy, stopped at 7.2% e Italia Viva which does not go beyond 2.9%. They gain consensus Action which, with 0.6% more, goes to 2.8% e Italian left, which with 0.5% more rises to 2.3%.

According to the latest Ipsos poll, the center-right gets 47.5% of the votes, while the majority gets 43.6%. The advantage of oppositions of about one and a half points in a month in the last month.

Poll: compared to the European elections Lega loses 2 million consents, Fratelli d’Italia gains three

Ipsos also compared the data from the last poll with the votes of the European elections, noting a significant loss of consensus by the League. The Party of Matteo Salvini in fact, it registered 2 million less votes. Great achievements instead for Brothers of Italy of Giorgia Meloni which, in a year, has obtained 3 million consents. The appreciation of Pd, which still maintains almost all the consensus of the European elections, despite the split of Italia Viva. Moderate recovery instead for the M5s.

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Polls: constitutional referendum on parliamentary cuts

Ipsos also broadens the survey to the constitutional referendum on the cut of parliamentarians, which will take place in the autumn. According to the data that emerged, only 28% of Italians, therefore about one in four, know that the consultation will be held. For 44% of the interviewees the vote will be important, 23% believe it to be quite important. 20% say it has little or no importance. 46% (about one in two) would also vote to confirm the reform approved in Parliament, with the expected cut of parliamentarians. 10% would vote against, while 20% would abstain. 42% of respondents believe that yes will win, while 13% think no will prevail. Finally, 45% do not make predictions.

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