Pope Francis: Return to Mass

Pope Francis invited to return to the ‘normality of Christian life’ by returning to the churches to celebrate Mass, where possible respecting the measures for the health of the faithful in the face of the risks of contagion by the pandemic that has involved to date 29 million people in the world.

During the private audience on September 3 at the Vatican, Francis authorized Cardinal Robert Sarah to send a letter to the episcopal conferences of the world in which he urgently urged that the faithful return to physically participate in the Eucharist.

In the letter, the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments since 2014, reported that where circumstances allow: no virtual transmission or streaming is comparable to personal participation in the mass or can replace it.

In this sense, the cardinal clarified that “although the media perform a valuable service to the sick and those who cannot go to church, and have rendered a great service” in the transmission of the mass “at a time when it was not possible to celebrate it as a community, no transmission is comparable to personal participation or can replace it “.

Let us return to the Eucharist with joy!”Is the title of the text that instructs the world’s bishops on the celebration of the liturgy during and after the covid-19 pandemic, reported Vatican News.

Sarah maintained that the church is the place “where the faithful “can” recognize themselves as a community of God. ” Therefore, “the house of the Lord presupposes the presence of the family of the children of God,” he said.

The cardinal explains that “the Christian community has never pursued isolation and has never made the Church a city with closed doors. Formed in the value of community life and the search for the common good, Christians have always sought insertion into society.

«Even in the emergency of the pandemic a great sense of responsibility emerged: listening to and collaborating with civil authorities and expertss “, the leaders of the Catholic Church, the bishops” were ready to make difficult and painful decisions, until the prolonged suspension of the participation of the faithful in the celebration of the Eucharist”.

Cardinal Sarah affirms that it is urgent to return to the celebration of the Eucharist. And he warned that the mere virtual transmission of the Mass runs “the risk of distancing ourselves from a personal and intimate encounter with the incarnate God who has given himself to us not in a virtual way, but in a real way, saying:«Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him» (Jn 6, 56)”.

5 recommendations to return to the celebration of the Eucharist physically:

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