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popular Easter celebrations in Seville canceled

by drbyos

The parades, which attract around 60,000 worshipers and tourists each year, were canceled on Saturday morning. The decision is a few hours before the decision to quarantine all of Spain from Monday.

Sevillian Holy Week in 2014.
Sevillian Holy Week in 2014. GOGO LOBATO / AFP

As recently as four days ago, the celebrations were not to be questioned. One of the most popular religious celebrations in Spain, Holy Week in Seville, April 5 to 12, was canceled on Saturday morning. A decision made a few hours before the government announced the country’s quarantine from Monday.

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“The decisions taken by the Spanish government and the Meeting of Andalusia (the institution of the autonomous community of Andalusia, editor’s note) have been analyzed”, can we read in a press release on the Holy Week website. Spain has 136 dead. 15 more than Friday. In all, there are more than 5,753 cases of contamination recorded across the country. A state of alert declared Friday by Pedro Sanchez must allow full use of “Economic, health, civil and military means”, according to the head of government.

Multiplication of cases

“Public health and the public interest are at stake”, add with one voice in the press release the three authorities organizing Holy Week: Juan Espadas, mayor of Seville, Archbishop Juan José Asenjo and the president of the Council of Brotherhoods Francisco Vélez. The Andalusian event attracts around 60,000 worshipers and tourists each year. Especially French, who cross the border to admire the sixty brotherhoods retracing the Passion and the death of Jesus to the rhythm of Saeta, flamenco song.

Since the beginning of last week, cases have multiplied at an exponential speed in the Iberian Peninsula. After the confinement of certain cities in Catalonia and the closure of schools in three regions, the pace is accelerating. All Spaniards will have to stay at home from next week.


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