Porsche: the construction of the car is followed online

Follow the construction steps of your own step by step Porsche? Now it is possible thanks to the new functionality “Behind the Scenes“of the online platform”My Porsche“. The lucky ones who ordered a 911 o a 718, will be able to observe from the computer or smartphone the construction phases of their sports car. This is possible thanks to presence of two cameras placed along the assembly line.

Two more will be added soon to offer customers an even more complete view of the construction phases. This service initially will be available in 6 markets specifically in America, Germany, Great Britain, Canada, Switzerland and Spain. Unfortunately Italy is not included but Porsche has already made it known that in the future this opportunity will also be extended to other countries.

In addition, the “Porsche Track Your Dream“that allows you to track the location of their car at any time, from the factory to the dealership. For customers of the German sports brand, a really interesting opportunity to follow the progress of their vehicle. Absolutely, however, this is not about an unprecedented solution since, for example, BMW also offers the service “My Car Is Born“which allows you to track your new car from production to delivery.

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