PORTRAIT. Philippe Bas, multifaceted and talented actor

In the fiction rebroadcast on TF1, the actor Philippe Bas camps the one by whom love arrives. Marc’s character may not be his biggest role. He is nonetheless proof of his talent. The opportunity for a portrait of one of the leading actors in French fiction.

Love at first sight in Bora Bora will probably not remain in the filmography of Philippe Bas as the work that must be seen absolutely. Fiction is part of a cycle of romantic comedies launched in 2016 by TF1 with Love at first sight in Jaipur, and whose next components, Love at first sight in Mauritius and Love at first sight in Bangkok, will be released soon.

Served each time by a new distribution, they want to be beneficial, exotic and light. But the actor does not forget that the shooting was very pleasant and that giving the reply to Laëtitia Milot, his partner in this love story, was at least just as much.

Desires for theater and cinema

“There are things that remain. Others do not. Significant experiences. Others less. But I’m not the type to spit on the productions I’ve been in. I try to do my job well. And I take responsibility for what I do, Love at first sight at Profiling passing through theater and cinema… ”, he told us at the launch of season 10 of the famous detective series of TF1.

Of course, he would like to play more in the theater, where he started in 1994, and this in a staging by Francis Huster. Of course, he would like to be offered more movie roles. “I sometimes regret that so many people are sectarian, including in this environment, which on the contrary should be open to everyone and in all areas. But it’s like that. And I’m lucky to have Profiling, he will say again.

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The roles of cops stick to his skin

Lover of series, even if he watches little for lack of time, and past master in the interpretation of the characters of cops (Skate or Die, The Assault…), He has been Commander Thomas Rocher in the thriller of TF1 for almost ten years. “I never tire of the series or my character,” he concludes. Its rhythm, its team, its arches, its writing, my successive partners are all reasons to experience the same pleasure with each restart. “

It is true that the role suits him rather well … We are waiting for the rest of season 10, unfortunately deprogrammed due to Covid-19. And we hope to soon announce the start of production in season 11.

Love at first sight in Bora-Bora, at 9:05 p.m. on TF1


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