Portuguese murdered in Switzerland. Prosecution does not exclude terrorism

A hundred and a half people gathered on Monday night at the Pont-Neuf kebab restaurant in Morges, to pay tribute to João, the young Portuguese man who was murdered there on Saturday and whom the Swiss press only identifies by the first name. The 29-year-old Portuguese was stabbed to death while waiting for a table with his partner. The investigation passed into the hands of the Confederation’s Public Prosecutor’s Office, which said it did not exclude the possibility that it was terrorism.

Few words, faces covered by masks and white roses, that was how about 150 people went to say goodbye to the victim, who had recently lived in the region, where he worked in the apple picking.

Shortly after the crime, the Swiss authorities opened a criminal investigation led by the canton of Vaud prosecutor, and the investigations were entrusted to the experts of the criminal brigade of the security police to determine more precisely the circumstances of the murder. But the investigation has now been passed on to the Confederation Prosecutor’s Office, which does not exclude the terrorist trail.

“The context of this murder is being clarified and a possible terrorist motive cannot be excluded until this moment”, affirms the Public Ministry of the Confederation in a cited statement by the local newspaper 24 Heures.

The suspect, detained a few hours after the crime in Renens, another locality also in the canton of Vaud, located in the district of Lausanne, has already been involved in other cases that fall within the scope of terrorism. The individual concerned has been known to the Swiss secret services since 2017, the Confederation Prosecutor’s Office also cited. local newspaper La Cote.

According to some witnesses heard by 24 Heures, the man “looked suspicious, but nothing much” and would have been looking at João and his companion before attacking the Portuguese with a knife.


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