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The Mavericks ended this season with a six-game loss in the first round of the Western Conference against the strong Los Angeles Clippers. The Latvian, however, watched the last matches from the reserve bench, as he suffered a meniscus injury.

According to Gilroy, the Mavericks fulfilled their plan for this season: “It’s great to be able to add talent like Porziņģi to your team. The fact that the Mavericks were able to attract him and Dončič in such a short time is amazing. Building a team around two stars, “The Mavericks have returned to the fight for the title in a short time. That was the plan for adding Porziņģis.”

“Porziņģis can be the cornerstone of the champions’ team. The goal of this season was to be in the playoffs. Everything that followed after that was already a bonus. With a talent like Luke’s only getting into the playoffs will not work for a long time,” the observer writes.

Next, Gilroy points out that an important aspect will be the future position of the Latvian in the square, because the best month performed by Porziņģis was February, when the basic staff center Dwight Pouels inhabited the Achilles tendon injury.

“KP has spent most of his time in the league in the position of power striker, but considering the non-positional basketball and the fact that the centers playing massive and physical basketball are starting to disappear, Porziņģis full-time transition to the center position could be the next step. it works great, “the inspector writes about Porziņģis’ s place in the square.

Although Porziņģis’ performance this season came as an opportunity for many who were worried about the Latvian’s ability to recover from a serious injury, Gilroy believes that next year the Latvian will face greater challenges. More will be expected from him and the team as a whole.

“He will have the burden of performing better individually as well as helping the team achieve more,” Gilroy wrote in conclusion.

There is no doubt that this will be one of the most important “Mavericks” inter-seasons in recent years, because with the right additions around the Porziņģis and Dončič duo, the Dallas club can make a “noise” next season.

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