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“Possibly more than a thousand students out of the picture” | Inland

According to various insiders from the educational field, it is a very worrying development. “There are students and parents with whom schools have still not been able to get in touch. Schools want to take action, but in many cases they cannot do anything, ”says a spokesperson for an educational organization, referring to the fact that the compulsory education of children is currently being dealt with smoothly. The spokesmen want to remain anonymous because they think the subject is very sensitive. “The problems are mainly in the slums of the four major cities. It certainly involves more than a thousand children. ”

On Thursday, Omroep West reported that almost 400 children have been lost in The Hague and the surrounding area alone. Moreover, schools often cannot provide good care for pupils who are allowed to go to school.


Sources report to De Telegraaf that there is now talk of an arrangement that allows the most vulnerable students to go to school, just like the children of parents who work in a vital sector.

When the cabinet announced a few weeks ago that the schools were to be closed, teachers tried with all their might to organize the distance education properly. In many cases this has been successful, but the most vulnerable group is therefore not always reached. It is often unclear what these children do and where they hang out.

These children often have parents who are less involved in education or who are not fluent in the Dutch language. When it became clear on Tuesday that the schools are closed until the May holidays, several educational organizations expressed their concerns. They argued that extra attention should be paid to vulnerable students, because otherwise large delays will arise. That creates growing inequality.

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