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postponed release date

Doom Eternal: the release date postponed

DOOM ETERNAL – Bethesda has announced that it wants to postpone the release date of Doom Eternal so that ID Software can finish the game in the best possible conditions.

[Mis à jour le 8 octobre 2019 à 16h33] Bethesda Softworks has announced that the release of Doom Eternal is now scheduled for March 20, 2020. The developers at Id Software have apparently asked for additional time to reach their goals and “exceed the expectations of their fans”. As usual, the additional delays on the release dates are not necessarily appreciated by the communities of the different games affected, but it is always wise to remember that it is better to wait a few more months than to end up with a game deficiency. But of course, this date coincides with the release of Animal Crossing, which makes more than one smile on Twitter.

The new mechanics of Doom Eternal

During the opening show of QuakeCon, Hugo Martin and Marty Stratton presented some features of the multiplayer mode of Doom Eternal. But what was most interesting is when these two men, respectively creative director and executive producer of Doom Eternal, returned on stage to present us in detail the new mechanics of the game, especially in solo through a demonstration of gameplay of almost an hour. Several new creatures could therefore be seen, as well as new mechanics, like the “Skill shot” allowing to quickly eliminate a monster by shooting quickly, at the right time, in a weak point. They also shared their vision for the more colorful interface, allowing you to navigate more easily between bonuses and ammunition, and according to them allocating the possibility of planning your advances and your retirements more easily. The emphasis is thus placed on the need to think quickly, and to make quick decisions, made possible in particular by the clarity of the interface and the new ways of eliminating your opponents.

Doom Eternal, presented in detail at E3 2019

In 2016, the famous id Software franchise made a comeback after several years without news. Doom returns to us 3 years later with Doom Eternal, which aims to make the epic of the Doom Slayer ever more intense and brutal. Doom Eternal has nothing to envy its elder, from which it gets the best, and improves it. The new titles are the exceptional mobility that your character now has. Double jump and dash make you an expert killing machine, capable of hitting opponents from anywhere.

This gameplay should allow a lot of things, but the game being a proof of love for the die & retry, no gift will be made to the player, who will have to make the best use of his new capacities to get out of more and more dangerous situations. New weak points, the continuous appearance of monsters and the need to fight regularly in hand-to-hand combat, make reactivity and reflexes a necessity.

Announced in 2018, and teased many times since, Doom Eternal offered itself a release date at the E3 conference in Bethesda. With a long wait, then a long presentation with gameplay (which was rather rare during this E3), Doom Eternal validated an exit for the November 22, 2019.

The last trailer lasts a little over a minute and lets us see hell as we often imagine in the horrific fantasy. Brutal, fast, efficient, the Doom Slayer executes its enemies with a shovel in a surge of violence and hemoglobin. We will appreciate the diversity of opponents presented as well as their very different designs.

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