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Posyandu in Awiluar Village, Ciamis, Almost Collapsed

News Ciamis, (harapanrakyat.com),- Mekarsari Posyandu building, Bantarsari Hamlet, Awiluar Village, Lumbung District, Ciamis Regency, West Java is in poor condition.

The roof almost collapsed with age. Based on information, Posyandu is a primary service in terms of health that must be improved.

With his condition that was already badly damaged, it was feared that it would suddenly collapse and be the cause of an accident.

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Before something unexpected happened, residents asked the government to provide assistance to repair the Mekarsari posyandu building.

The Secretary of Lumbung Sub-district, Ciamis Regency, Kemal A Barnas, confirmed that the condition of the Mekarsari Posyandu building in Bantarsari Hamlet RT 05/02, Awiluar Village is concerning.

“The condition is very badly damaged, weathered by age,” he said Sunday (20/2/2022).

Kemal explained, apart from the Posyandu building, the Lumbung sub-district office building also needed repairs.

Kemal added that the proposal to repair the Posyandu building and the District Office has been included in the District Musrembang.

“Including the proposal for a room to stay at PKM Awiluar. Hopefully in 2023 everything can be realized,” he concluded. (Edji/R8/HR Online/Editor Jujang)

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