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today“with a double” hands on “: The first impressions of the upcoming” Metroid Dread “and the new Nintendo console, the Switch OLED model.

When one of the most eagerly awaited titles in a cult series meets a new console, a spectacular experience is set in motion. “Today” had the opportunity to play the upcoming “Metroid Dread” on the upcoming Nintendo Switch OLED at a hands-on event. The rock-hard and stylish action game seems to have been made for the larger and higher-contrast 7-inch OLED screen of the new Switch console.

The strengths of the new console are already evident when bounty hunter Samus Aran lands on the planet ZDR. Space is shown as pitch-black as never before, shining stars now really look like such and not just as white spots on the display. With these dark and light strengths of the OLED switch, “Metroid Dread” also plays in the levels, at least in the first hour of play: Well-lit areas are surrounded by deep black walls and platforms.

Great lighting effects

Just as Samus Aran’s blue-white-red combat suit clearly stands out from the 2D background, the OLED model also makes the game generally clearer. The menus and logos as well as the maps show 3D-like effects due to the coloring and can thus be read much better separately from the rest of the screen content. Great cinema: weapon parts, statues or armor parts sparkle in a completely new light when light falls on them. Class!

But even apart from the new model, “Metroid Dread” captivates from the first minute of the game. The story with an allegedly still active X parasite and the search for the missing EMMI robots (extraplanetary mobile multiform identifiers) picks up the story of all previous “Metroid” fans immediately. But even newcomers to the series can look forward to the fact that the greatest bounty hunter in space will suddenly become the hunted. The first scenes are absolutely cinematic.

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Classic gameplay with innovations

Nevertheless, the new “Metroid” does not forget its classic roots. At the beginning of her ZDR exploration, Samus is deprived of his strength and initially has to make his way from the planet relatively weakly equipped. Locked doors await our heroine, initially inaccessible danger areas, lots of strange and dangerous creatures. To get around all of this, the player must first find and use power-ups and upgrades.

Reinforcements for our heroine already arrive in the first few minutes of the game. Within less than an hour of play, we were able to equip ourselves with a rechargeable spotlight, a spider magnet for certain walls and ceilings, and an invisibility ability. Anyone who thinks that they are already well equipped with this is seriously mistaken. The reason: The EMMIs in the game are merciless and fast hunters, quasi “Resident Evils” Mr. X on speed. And once they have discovered Samus, they hardly give up any more.

The tough boss makes the “Metroid” fans happy

Samus learned something new about movements in “Dread”. Apparently there is still no real double jump, but if you aim at walls properly, Samus catapults himself further upwards. Small gaps in walls, on the other hand, can simply be slid through with a slide. And: Certain opponents (and bosses) have to be hit with a new counterattack at the right moment in order to put them out of action for a short time and either attack them or flee. This is crucial with EMMIs, because otherwise they’ll kill the player with just one attack.

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At first we had little experience with the invisibility skill. It seems to hide us visually from enemies and sensors, but opponents like the EMMIs still react to the sound of our steps and movements. You can’t feel safe about it. Reason for the short test phase: You can get the skill after the first boss fight. But until then you die more often in the game, because he is merciless. If you don’t rehearse different phases of movement and hit the weak points accurately, you will quickly become monster food.

Despite all the harshness, it was real fun

However, if you fail, no frustration arises: “Metroid Dread” has very fairly set checkpoints and offers many save points in the areas. On the contrary: You love to explore further areas or often face tough opponents, because the thrill of being chased through the corridors by an EMMI is not comparable to any other moment in the “Metroid” legend. It is an innovation with which the makers hit the nail on the head.

A few more words about the new OLED switch: In addition to the clearly pimped-up screen, which makes the new game look fantastic, the new kickstand is also a huge leap from the old, wobbly stand. Finally, when the Joy-Con is disconnected, the console can be placed safely and securely on a table without touching or shaking the part immediately. And: The improved sound output makes a decent impression. The lasers hiss and the robot voices distort that it is a pleasure.

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