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Power Up: Rudy Giuliani speaks – and two lawyers are listening

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Scary moment: Don Lemon, of CNN, ceased broadcasting in New York late last night, after a caller called for a bombing alert saying "that there were five devices in the building, according to a police source, "CNN reported. The NYPD investigated and gave the go-ahead to all after nothing was found. After the threat, Trump tweeted, probably coincidentally, "FAKE NEWS – THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE".

The scene in front of CNN offices in New York last night:

To the White House

CALL WITH RUDY GIULIANI ON CORRIDOR ACELA: Most phone calls on the Amtrak Acela line between New York and Washington (or the other way around) are quite embarrassing for one or both people.

But on Thursday, when I contacted Rudy Giuliani, President Trump's lawyer (and his famous tweeter), I did not know that I had the chance to sit in front of two former white-collar prosecutors.. Like all good neighbors, they listened to my conversation. And after my telephone conversation with Mr Mayor, they gave a glimpse of what he had said about Robert Mueller's investigation of Russia and some of his personalities.

Giuliani said he was "disgusted" by the tactics of Mueller 's teams, complained about the time it took to answer written questions from the team' s team. Special advocate and said that Mueller's investigation was essentially out of control.

"I think he's crossed the line a moment ago. I think this is a situation that is in dire need of supervision, "said Giuliani. He is "the special prosecutor of false declarations".

Today, Mueller must present two key documents: one on which prosecutors have lied, according to former Trump campaign attorney, Paul Manafort, and the other related to the repairman 's long time Trump, Michael Cohen. This follows a sentencing memorandum released earlier this week suggesting no jail time because of the close cooperation of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

Here's what Rudy told me and what lawyers have to say about it:

  • How to answer the Mueller probe: "I mean, I do not think I can discuss that now. But [our response is] It's not formulated and it's not public, and we still have many options to consider, "said Giuliani.

  • When does he think that the Mueller probe will end? "There is no strict time limit. I think they may be finished by the end of the year. "

  • On the Flynn depot: "There is no evidence linking the president to anything. . . they would never have accelerated his sentence if they used it against Trump. . . his credibility is much easier to attack if he has already obtained a good agreement instead of at least being exposed to a certain amount of time in prison. "
    • [Lesavocatsrépondent[Thelawyers'respond[Lesavocatsrépondent[Thelawyers’respond: He's right – a person who pleads guilty to making false statements to law enforcement is not a big witness, unless independent evidence corroborates it. . . and the 19 interviews of Flynn [with Mueller’s team] could be about everything.]
  • On Manafort:"Well, the concern for Manafort is the horrible way he's treated, it's a travesty – he's still in solitary confinement and they're always harassing him with questions. It does not look like America . . . And it may also put undue pressure on someone. They seem to have no sensitivity to this – no real guide to know the truth, "Giuliani told me.
  • To staff the White House Council Office: New W.H. Council Pat Cipollone "is a good friend – and he works there. He is talking to people and considering increasing the size of the board office. . . But that is in anticipation of what the Democrats have threatened with regard to other issues and investigations, "said Giuliani.
  • On the mood of the president: "I'll tell you, he looked good this morning. I will go to Hanukkah later, "he said. "He's segmented it and he's done a lot of things. But I keep asking myself what he could do plus he was not interrupted by these things, "Giuliani said.
  • & # 39; & # 39 ;: Miraculous "I think it is absolutely miraculous to be able to do what he does. But it's because he has this ability to compartmentalize. . . I know when I have to take him out of meetings. It could have taken me two days if he was a normal customer to answer Mueller's questions, but it took us two or three weeks, "Giuliani said of Trump's written answers to Mueller's questions.
  • & # 39; & # 39 ;: Disgusted Giuliani was extremely critical of Mueller's court filing schedule, highlighting two important outings when Trump went to Helskini and the G20 summit last weekend. "There is no sensitivity to what they do. I am kind of disgusted with them. I hope that they will finish and come out of the city and we will take care of everything that they leave behind.
    • [The lawyers’: Mueller’s Flynn sentencing memo came out a month after the election, which does not violate Justice Department guidelines.]
  • What would Rudy do differently? "I would have already written my report. I would have written it six months ago. The delay this causes causes the county to suffer – it makes it more difficult to manage US affairs, "said Giuliani.
    • [The lawyers’: The average time of an investigation is 18 months. Mueller is traveling at lightspeed,” one of the lawyers told me.]

House Republicans have reached an agreement with former FBI director James Comey to testify today, as well as former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. They plan to publish a report on the behavior of the FBI before giving up the majority. Trump tweeted this morning;

Trump also sued Mueller and his deputy, Andrew Weissman:

MANUFACTURING THE PRESIDENT'S BED: Victorina Morales made Trump's bed, washed his boxer and cleaned his toilet. She is also an undocumented immigrant who has illegally entered the country and obtained a cleaning job at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Yesterday, Morales went to the New York Times to announce to Miriam Jordan that "We are tired of abuse, insults, the way he talks about us when he knows we are helping him make money. We try to satisfy all his needs and to support his humiliation. "

  • "Why did not he understand it? There is no evidence that Trump is aware of Morales' immigration status – or that of the other undocumented workers that she would have employed for her business – but Morales thinks it's entirely possible .
  • Sound familiar: Despite the proclamations of the president "America First", the newspaper of yesterday is only one of the many articles describing the dependence of his company with regard to foreign workers.
  • In February: Vox released an analysis of the workmanship of three Trump properties that revealed that the Trump organization had 144 openings for seasonal jobs, but only one went to an American worker .
  • In 2017: During the "Made in America" ​​week, Trump's Mar-a-Lago club asked for the hiring of 70 foreign workers, reported David A. Fahrenthold, of The Post.
  • In 1980: "Trump has employed 200 undocumented Polish workers who worked in teams of 12 hours, without gloves, without helmet or mask, to demolish the Bonwit Teller building on Fifth Avenue, where is now the 58-storey Golden Trump Tower, "the Times reported last year. "The workers were paid barely $ 4 an hour for their dangerous work, less than half the union's salary, if they were paid. "
  • Read more"It's an American soldier deployed at the southern border – and an illegal immigrant," Alex Horton of the newspaper.

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In the agencies

WHITE HOUSE NEAR A DECISION ON NEXT AG: Trump would have chosen former Attorney General William P. Barr as the first choice to lead the Department of Justice. Barr, who served under President George H. W. Bush would return to his post while the ministry was continuing the investigation on Mueller – although Barr had publicly expressed doubts about the legitimacy of the investigation. Devlin Barrett, Matt Zapotosky and Josh Dawsey of the Post newspaper announced the news. Here's more of their story:

  • CV: "Barr, 68, a highly respected Republican lawyer who served as Attorney General from 1991 to 1993 [Bush], has become a favorite among a number of Trump administration officials, including seasoned lawyers from the White House Council Office. "
  • A decision – and maybe a fight – is looming"Administration officials are preparing for the likelihood that Barr's appointment will be announced in the coming days. . . Given the political struggles surrounding the Department of Justice, any candidate for the Attorney General will likely face difficult questions during his confirmation hearing in the Senate. "
  • Doubtful bill: "Barr's earlier comments downplayed the severity of the allegations against Trump – on the fronts of collusion and obstruction of justice – and he also suggested that the Clintons should have more problems," reported Aaron Blake, of The Post.
  • Family affairMary Daly, the Trump administration's contact person on the opioid crisis, is familiar with the [Barr] . . . Barr is Daly's father, "said The Post's Colby Itkowitz.

On the hill

CONGRESS LAUNCHES CANE ON GOVERNMENT STOP: Congress sent Trump a short-term spending bill that delays the threat of a partial government shutdown for now, but paves the way for a big-stakes battle a few days before Christmas with a new date of funding on December 21st.

  • Where there is a wall there is a wayTrump and the Democrats now have about two weeks to "resolve their dispute over the financing of the wall, delaying spending on bills to fund the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies," said Erica. Werner, from The Post. "If the conflict is not resolved, the funding of these agencies will expire, which will cause them to close their doors and put the workers on leave in the middle of the holiday season."
  • TIC TacTrump is asking for $ 5 billion to fund the wall along the southern border and, as the sun goes down on their control of the House, "Republicans know that it's their last shot to get to the wall." Money for the wall Trump had promised Trump has long said Mexico would pay for the wall, but now he's asking for it to be funded by US taxpayers, "said Werner.

  • Doubling – and then some: "Trump is showing no signs of retreating his demand for pocket money. Instead, in a tweet this week, he returned to a previous $ 25 billion request for the wall. "

  • Senator John Cornyn (R-Tex.), No. 2. Republican Senate: Cornyn said that he could not believe that Trump would accept the modest offer of $ 1.6 billion presented by the Democrats, the current level of funding. "He wants money for border security and we will not give him anything other than the current level of funding. I do not see how in the world it would be acceptable. "

In the media

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