July 17, 2019

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PowerPoints Millennials makes Date My Friend & # 39; for scoring suitors

These singles are perfect for the park.

DateMyFriend.ppt takes the wings ship to a completely new level by letting best friends of potential suitors attribute their peers into a crowd at a bar – through PowerPoint.

Presenters have only three minutes to explain why their friend, who is sitting next to them, would make a wonderful date.

Questions? Save those after presentation, when overtaking is encouraged.

DateMyFriend.ppt, which started in Boston this year and takes its name from a PowerPoint file name format, is coming to New York at the end of Saturday. Thirteen potential suitors will begin a new start-up style with their best friends with a crowd at the Tobar, Williamsburg bar.

“When you have a friend, you will find (to show people) another side of yourself,” says Kristen Palasick, 27, who is presented by bestie Venus Sanchez, with An Post. “I don't know if it would be the same if I did it myself.” T

PowerPoint Sanchez starts under Palasick with some important statistics.
PowerPoint Sanchez starts under Palasick with some important statistics.Courtesy Venus Sanchez and Kristen Palasick

She and Sanchez, who are both singles, met about a year ago through a mutual friend. After seeing the event on Facebook, they thought DateMyFriend.ppt is the perfect joint material for online dating.

“Going in New York, there is a lot of quantity, not enough quality,” says Sanchez, 24, who hoped that she would be put on herself but cut for space.

She says that it is easy to get reasons so far, Palasick, social media manager who lives in Parkside.

“I think it's more like the little things that make up Kristen which makes you want to update it,” she says. As Palasick is “stress bakes”, people are always wearing around. And she loves sitting with a dog, so you are likely to meet a fur friend if you come up to her.

Pie chart and bullet points help to clarify Palasick's relationship capability.
Pie chart and bullet points help to clarify Palasick's relationship capability.Courtesy Venus Sanchez and Kristen Palasick

In a real-rectangle way, Sanchez paste these characteristics into a pie chart slide, with larger slices giving priority to their best selling points.

The main slice? Palasick apartment has a washer and in-unit dryer.

“It's a big date for me,” she says.

Katherine Paulsen says when she saw her friend David McManus' presentation.

“I couldn't believe that this friend spent my time really scratching this piece to represent who I am,” says Paulsen, actor and video producer. “I was very moved.”

‘If she finally gets her perfect game, then that is exactly the best one with me.

McManus and Paulsen, both 26, met when they were matched with Bumble. There was no romantic spark, but they had strong friendships. Like Palasick and Sanchez, they were both tired of your applications, and were surprised by the event's in-house strategy.

To make his presentation, McManus, who works on podcasts in the Atlantic magazine, researched compatibility and asked for more than 40 questions about Paulsen about herself.

“If she gets her perfect game in the future, then that's the only thing that will be owed to me,” he says.

Meanwhile, Palasick is trying to promote herself because of her biggest disadvantage before demo.

“What happens if there aren't many people who don't want me to date? There is no ipe slip left in real life. ”

DateMyFriend.ppt Saturday, from 6 to 8 pm, at the Well, 272 Meserole Street, Williamsburg; tickets: $ 16

Palasick's love of animals is a full PowerPoint display.
Palasick's love of animals is a full PowerPoint display.Courtesy Venus Sanchez and Kristen Palasick

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