PP offensive to recover the city with more inhabitants of the Canary Islands

The candidate for the Presidency of the Canary Islands of the PP, Asier Antona, has instructed the candidates to culminate with an offensive the recovery of the city of Las Palmas. The PP wants to remember that the most voted party in 2015 was this organization and that it is necessary to take out the tripartite that unites PSOE, Podemos and NC of the Gran Canaria capital.

The candidate of the Popular Party to mayor of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Pepa Luzardo, has pledged on Tuesday to "fix the nonsense" that, in his opinion, has carried out in the city Hidalgo, Doreste and Quevedo.

"The tripartite has committed nonsense that must be resolved by consensus with neighbors and merchants," said Luzardo at the presentation ceremony of his candidacy, wrapped up by the leadership of the Canarian PP and by the former president of the Government Mariano Rajoy.

«A PP capital»
Luzardo has insisted that it "hurts" him to see the city he wants and knows as the palm of his hand "dirty, stuck and abandoned." Among its proposals, we can highlight the commitment to public transport and the cohesion of neighborhoods, solutions for traffic jams at the Torre Las Palmas junctions, the GC-3 at Tamaraceite-San Lorenzo-Piletas and the that occur at the entrance to Tafira.

The PP defends "rethink the Metroguagua and improve the fudge of the bike lanes," said Luzardo, who has indicated that one of the priority actions of his program will be "to demand from the Cabildo and the Canary Islands the necessary residences for the elderly and dependents "of the city.

«Las Palmas de Gran Canaria needs the PP and we are going to say no to the bad policy of the left tripartite. And yes to a mobility plan that eliminates collapse and traffic jams, whose only tripartite solution is to fill the city with bike lanes, "said Antona.

«Block of lefts»
Asier Antona, has accused CC of beginning the campaign by becoming the "victim", without assuming his responsibilities in the Executive, and has also criticized the "left bloc" (in reference to PSOE, Podemos and NC), because it considers that in Its horizon is the economic recession and the destruction of employment. Faced with these two blocks, among which are not other parties such as Gomera Socialist Group, Citizens or Vox, Antona said in statements to the media that the PP is the party that should lead the change in the Canary Islands.

He has advocated that the PP raise the "change that the Canary Islands need" and that, in his opinion, should not be raised from the left bloc. He has also advocated giving "a slam to the management of victimhood", in reference to the Canary Islands government chaired by CC, which "always looks for the guilty outside and never assumes his responsibilities." Asked about agreements, he replied that his "only agreement is with the Canary Islands and the Canaries that are the worst" and warned that if the center-right vote is fragmented, it wins the tripartite left.

"The alternative to 30 years of CC must lead the PP," he said, while insisting that until the day of the elections will not talk about pacts but join forces and votes around his party. As of May 26, Antona has advanced that she will seek pacts of governability and has insisted that, in the meantime, she will take the message of the PP to all the islands. "The agreement that I am going to make with the Canary Islands and all the Canaries to improve this land and fill it with opportunities in the future" has been settled. . (tagsToTranslate) islands (t) canairas

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